Meet Max Stam and Julian Stam, twin brothers and contemporary artists hailing from Laren NH, a picturesque village in the heart of the Gooi region.

Growing up in Laren, an artistically enriched village with a vibrant history, we were immersed in the world of art from an early age, influenced in part by the renowned Singer Museum. As identical twins, our lives have been intertwined since birth: we share schools, friends, and hobbies. This close bond has prompted us to venture into the world of art together, benefiting from a shared perspective that complements each other seamlessly. Working together feels like collaborating with a mirror image of yourself.

Specializing in sculpture and wall art, our contemporary pieces draw inspiration from everyday life - incorporating elements of nature, architecture.

Our creations show a fusion of elegant and wild forms that harmonize with glossy elements. The use of the blackest paint known to man not only gives depth to our work but also a nuanced exploration of the contrast between good and evil, dark and light.

We invite you to explore and appreciate our art, made with passion and a shared vision. Enjoy the journey through our expressions of creativity.